Leading The Way: Give Me A Break – Thegazette

Simply put, this requires the conscientious reduction of long-term commitments such as volunteer work, boards of directors, civic and not-for-profit organizations, coaching, clubs and the like. I know a leader who during the past few months reduced his outside commitments by 66 percent, from six organizations down to two. When I asked him how it was going he responded, I was so busy that, every once in a while I still get a little anxious thinking Ive might have missed a meeting or left a project incomplete. He eventually will relax into a new normal and enjoy renewed energy, increased productivity, greater mental freedom/capacity and an overall improved quality of life. As for the short-term break, thats where vacations come in. There are countless studies that show how vacations from work can lead to greater productivity, improved focus and engagement, decreased stress, increased problem-solving, more creativity and better attitudes about work. Employers and employees should make an effort to maximize vacation as time to recover, rest and re-energize.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://thegazette.com/subject/news/business/column-and-advice/leading-the-way-give-me-a-break-20140803


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